Journal for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes

WELDING AND CUTTING is an international trade journal which is editorially oriented to welding, cutting and brazing/soldering technology, including the numerous peripheral areas. It includes regular and comprehensive reports from industry, science and the practice of the welding technology sector, takes up not only new developments but also economic questions and thus serves as an important source of information which is used by an international expert public throughout the world.

Issue 1 (2022)

Issue Highlights:
Development of a micro-habitat hyperbaric welding system – Part 2

Compliance with the statutory requirements specified in (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, 2019) concerning the management of major accident hazards (MAH) on offshore installations, is determined through various industry...

Flexible bonding of flexible hybrid plastic bipolar plates

The production of graphitic bipolar plates by building them up layer by layer from individual flexible foils, instead of preformed halves, represents a new manufacturing approach. Five layers of a special compound foil w...

Increase in understanding of the welding process through simulation of laser beam and gas-shielded metal arc welding

In welding structure simulation, the thermal effect of welding in the component is represented by an equivalent heat source. In order to be able to capture phenomena such as grain growth and structural transformation in...

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