Journal for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes

WELDING AND CUTTING is a peer-reviewed international trade journal that is editorially focused on welding, cutting and brazing/soldering technology, including its numerous related disciplines. It features regular and comprehensive reports from industry, science and practice fields of the welding technology sector. The journal highlights both new developments and economic issues and serves as an important source of information for our expert international readers throughout the world.

Issue 2 (2023)

Issue Highlights:
Advantages with careful planning – Shear connector welding through galvanized profiled sheet

Shear connector welding through galvanized profiled sheet has been practised in composite reinforced concrete construction for decades and offers a number of advantages. This article presents the various construction met...

Investigations on fatigue strength of wet welded structural steels

The fatigue strength of underwater wet welded constructional details was investigated within this research project. Wet hyperbaric shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is a widely established repair technique and an approve...

Investigation and optimization of process parameters and tools for underwater bonding of brackets

The research project presented here provides an advanced process for the adhesive underwater bracket joining. As an alternative to the previously established underwater welding process, it comes with a number of benefits...

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