Journal for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes

WELDING AND CUTTING is a peer-reviewed international trade journal that is editorially focused on welding, cutting and brazing/soldering technology, including its numerous related disciplines. It features regular and comprehensive reports from industry, science and practice fields of the welding technology sector. The journal highlights both new developments and economic issues and serves as an important source of information for our expert international readers throughout the world.

Issue 4 (2022)

Issue Highlights:
Material studies on additive welding of duplex and superduplex steel with controlled GMAW process (CMT)

The article provides information on the influence of welding parameters, alloying systems and shielding gases on cooling times, microstructure and properties of additively manufactured thin-walled and block structures ma...

Adhesive bonding of thin-walled magnesium die cast components

Using components made of magnesium die casting, weight can be reduced by approx. 70% compared to steel constructions [1]. In order to exploit the advantages of using magnesium in lightweight construction, corrosion-resis...

Manufacture and investigation of twochamber flux-cored wires for continuous underwater wet welding

Wet manual arc welding is a typical joining process for underwater welding. In most cases, stick electrodes are used when wet welding has to be carried out. A continuous welding process contributes to improving the diver...

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